Red Chair

This is a red chair. When I worked at the U-Stor-It facility in 2003, I brought all kinds of stuff home. The red chair is the best of it. Outlasted and gone are the industrial storage tubes and the standup piano (sorry about that, Kate) and the dresser of deal.

Although it’s obvious, I feel compelled to mention that any given household needs, most likely, only about a thousand ballpoint pens with name-brand drug logos etched on the barrels. Same goes for drug company sticky-notes. read more »

Ganesha, oak table

Back in Jaipur we suffered a lapse in judgment, ended up with a big fat Ganesha statue. Our friend Josh Cooley was kind enough to design and build a custom table for the statue to sit upon. At long last the statue and display table are come to rest in our apartment. As a bonus, I now have a good place to keep my box of rechargeable batteries.